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Twitter for News? March 18, 2014

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Some news sources are wondering if Twitter is the most effective news platform in the 21st century. What do you think?

Comment and tell us how you use Twitter. What news sites do you follow? Do they help you know what’s going on?


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Yes, this is a blog specifically about social media marketing, but I want to take a moment to again look at the critical, yet underappreciated, role of social media in reporting breaking news.

Since major tragedies like 9/11, the Miracle on the Hudson, the Boston Marathon Bombing, instant communication has been keeping people safer. Less than an hour ago, I was sitting in my Charlotte, NC dorm room just wasting time and I saw a series of retweets from my local news station from my hometown about a helicopter crash near the Space Needle in Seattle, WA. I quickly started following the story as new details were added and a progression of pictures documented the unfolding events. Within five minutes, I went from learning that a helicopter crashed near the Space Needle to knowing that a KOMO News helicopter crashed on top of two cars (one red, one blue) in a fireball where only the tail section of the chopper remained and two deaths were reported…and details are still coming in.

Learning so much about an event in such little time reminded me of how perfect Twitter is for breaking news and journalism in general. The whole point of journalism is concise communication of important timely events, and Twitter’s immediacy and necessary brevity is a perfect medium to share news. A tweet is just enough to catch your attention, give an update, and provide a way to learn more.

The viral nature of Twitter provides so much potential for news to gain momentum. Within a few minutes of the crash, information began appearing on the Twitter feeds of NorthWest Cable News, KUOW radio, NBC Nightly News, CBS Denver, The Seattle Times, Poynter, the Seattle Police Departmentthe New York Times, and even the NTSB. What other medium could reach such a large audience in such a short amount of time?

So, as our prayers go out to Bill Strothman (yes, I found the late photographer’s name on Twitter) and the KOMO News family, remember the power of Twitter in informing the public and keeping people around the world safe.

More information about the role of Twitter in journalism:


Social Media in Moments of Tragedy April 15, 2013

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Though many were killed or injured when the bombs exploded at the Boston Marathon this afternoon, many more people may have been injured had it not been for social media.

Safety organizations (@NEIncidents) and the Boston Police Department (@Boston_Police) lit the social media fire warning citizens of the danger and asking witnesses to send more information. Ordinary citizens answered the call and took to Facebook and Twitter to warn their friends to steer clear of the scene and rally support for the victims.

This critical information could not possibly have been shared on such a large scale had it not been for the extensive presence of social media in today’s world.

Read the full article:
How the Boston Marathon tragedy revealed the best side of social media.

While this blog may not be designed to discuss the role of social media in combating terrorism or consoling victims of tragedy, it is still worth noting how social media has evolved as an information-sharing outlet that could potentially save lives.

Our prayers go out to the victims and their families in this time of tragedy and grief. God bless.

“O Lord, I am torn up with grief. I know you are there, but I cannot see past my sorrow and tears. Be with me, Lord… guide me through these dark days and bring your light to my life, so that I may see your goodness, even in my mourning.”

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