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How Social Media Marketing Can Be Vital to Your Business

Where to Start? December 10, 2012

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Before beginning this project, I had hardly any experience using a blog. I had created websites with a blog-like feature, but I never wrote strictly in blog format. I was apprehensive about using a blog to present my research and experience simply because of my inexperience with this type of media, but then I reminded myself of my personal goal for this project: gain experience with new forms of media. Establishing a blog is exactly what I needed to do for this project.

Because I was so unfamiliar with blogging, I had to research different blog sites and find one that would best suit my needs. I started by evaluating what I needed my blog to have and developing a checklist:

  • Flexibility
  • Ease of use
  • Ability to link media
  • Access to other blogs and websites
  • Easy organization

I then searched for common blogs on Google and read descriptions and reviews to discern how well certain blogs would work with my idea. I decided to use WordPress because of its ability to create more permanent pages while also providing a blog feature that I could easily update.


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