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How Social Media Marketing Can Be Vital to Your Business

The Goal December 6, 2012

Since my freshman year, I have been enrolled in the Blythewood High School Honors Forum, a community of honors students who meet certain academic criteria. As part of the Forum, students are required to take the Honors Forum Seminar and complete a senior project. Students are able to choose any personal topic for their project as long as it adheres to a few guidelines. This blog is my presentation of my senior project on social media marketing’s role in business.

Goals & Objectives

By completing this project, I hope to discover ways in which social media can enhance a company’s and
organization’s marketing strategy. Specifically, I plan to look at specific features of media that businesses
find useful, the uses of media in an organization, and how media is incorporated into a company’s
larger media plan. By exploring the role of social media and presenting this information in a public
medium, I hope to not only enhance my own understanding of social media marketing, but also compile
information that may prove useful to other businesses or marketers.

Project Description

I will be exploring through research and hands-on experience how social media can be a valuable marketing resource. Some of the resources I will be exploring are Facebook, Twitter, YouTube, and Instagram. I will research and describe how a business or organization can use these resources to promote events, inform the community, communicate with members, advertize, and market their services to their customers and the community in general.

Personal Goals & Reasoning

I have always had an interest in taking information and presenting it in ways other people can
understand. I have pursued this interest by providing writing assistance in the Writing Center as a part
of the National English Honor Society (NEHS), tutoring friends in difficult math classes, and writing and
presenting curriculum for the confirmation class at my church. Particularly as I lead the confirmation
class, I am beginning to learn the importance of effective and interactive communication. Through this
experience, I discovered the effectiveness of social media. I decided to deepen my understanding of
social media so as to see a new and more modern side of marketing. The research and exploration of
social media is directly related to my intended major of Marketing Communication. Before speaking
with some experts in the Communication and Marketing fields, I knew that social media played at least
a partial role in a business’s success. However, it was not until I had conversations with these experts,
one of whom is a communication professor at my intended university, that I realized how critical
these resources are in a marketing campaign. I believe that educating myself about social media and
marketing communication will allow me to be more competitive in the field.

New Learning

By collecting resources, learning the tools, and speaking with experts in the field, I hope to develop
a more comprehensive and specific understanding of social media’s impact on marketing and
communication while gaining valuable hands-on experience. I hope to learn about some unfamiliar
resources as well as new features of familiar media. I have a general understanding of social media’s
communication value, but I would like to learn more about its impact specifically on a business or


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