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How Social Media Marketing Can Be Vital to Your Business

Time Log December 10, 2012

Monday, Dec. 10 (3 hours)
I added my first post with a link today. I attached a hyperlink to a webpage that discussed the uses of different social media sites. I will be using this website to guide my research into what social media will be helpful to a business. I also rearranged some of my pages and posts to make them more user-friendly. I also learned a bit more about how WordPress works. I now understand that pages are for easy-access permanent pages such as the goal of the project and the time log. Today, I established the time log, and I will continue to update this page as I continue to work on the project. I later found a video presenting various statistics on social media use in regard to business. In response to this video, I posted a poll asking visitors how they find information about a service or product. I expect the results of this poll to show that consumers use social media and search engine results to find information. This will prove the importance of businesses establishing an online social media presence. I also linked this blog to my personal Facebook and Twitter accounts, so each new blog post will be linked directly to my Facebook and Twitter. I hope this will help direct viewers to this blog who will comment and share content.

Sunday, Dec. 16 (.5 hours)
Today, I spoke to Denise Dunn and confirmed that she will be my sponsor for this project. I informed her of her responsibilities to me and my responsibilities to her and she enthusiastically agreed to help me. Ms. Dunn works as a professional marketer and is currently serving as elder of marketing and communications on the session at New Kirk Presbyterian. She will be an amazing person to speak with and I look forward to working with her.

Saturday, Feb. 16 (3 hours)
While working on a new post about the various uses of Facebook, I realized I was using terminology that may be hard for a first-time user to follow. For clarity’s sake, I thought it might a good idea to first publish a list of important social media terminology with definitions. This post will then serve as a glossary for future posts; when I use a word in a post about a particular use of social media, I will link the word back to the terminology post.

Sunday, Feb. 24 (3 hours)
Today I worked on developing the Facebook and Twitter portions of the terminology post.

Monday, Feb. 25 (2 hours)
Today I continued to work on the terminology post. I also began to consider some questions I may ask social media professionals in the interviews I plan to conduct.

Saturday, Mar. 2 (4 hours)
I spent more time developing the social media terminology post. I added terms associated with Instagram and also included some miscellaneous terms a savvy social media marketer must know. I also worked on a post about how businesses use Facebook to form relationships with their customers. The research for this post came from a book I am reading titledĀ The New Rules of Marketing & PR. This book has definitely served as a great resource for me moving forward with this project.

Monday, Mar. 11 (2 hours)
In honor of the Conclave, I posted a link to an article about how Catholic priests use social media.The article discusses how the priests use Twitter to communicate with their “followers” (see the irony: church followers vs. Twitter followers? I thought it was funny.) The article continues by asking the question, How important a role does social media presence play in the church? Interesting to consider.

Monday, April 15 (3 hours)
Found another article today about how people use Twitter. I also finished (for now) the social media terminology post. I may go back and add more terms or categories, but the information is there for now. This post was shared on my Facebook and Twitter accounts. Hopefully this will boost the activity on this blog.

Total Hours*: 20.5

*Not all time spent on research or other project activities is included in this log. The official amount of time spent on this project is documented in the time logs submitted in person. This total only included time accounted for on this page.

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